CEIT Model

CEIT Model

Sener Knowledge's CEIT outcomes assessment model:

Comparison: Comparing delivery modes to determine the absolute superiority of one mode over another is of very limited value, but comparing characteristics of different delivery modes can offer useful information about the relative value of various characteristics.

Quality Assurance/Effectiveness: Focusing on effectiveness enables evaluation of online learning on its own terms. Finding answers to deceptively simple questions ("Is it effective?" "What elements make it effective?" "What changes would make it more effective?") yields useful knowledge about what works and doesn't work.

Quality Improvement: Examining this dimension focuses on measuring the effects of implementing changes made during the process, specifically whether such changes result in improvements and the reasons why (or why not). Another focus is determining obstacles encountered in attempting to make improvements and strategies developed to overcome them.

Transformation: Assessing transformative outcomes involves analyzing how changes can be used to affect practice within the organization and (if feasible and appropriate) among other related organizations by discovering and describing active processes for effecting positive institutional change.