Learning Design

Learning Design

Why "Learning Design?"

Sener Knowledge believes in the power of design to create effective formal learning experiences which enable participants to gain knowledge.

While we have used more traditional ID/ISD approaches when warranted, too often instructional design models are applied in a proceduralized fashion. In the worst cases, the role of instructional designers is proscribed so that they become mere functionaries, performing a limited set of prescribed tasks within an accepted model.

Sener Knowledge takes a more wholistic approach to designing learning experiences for its clients:

  • Learning Design/Instructional Design Support Services: Sener Knowledge is capable of providing a wide variety of related services.
  • Sener Knowledge has developed its own approaches such as the SLS Online Content Design Model to meet specific learning design needs.
  • Instructional Design - Projects are like snowflakes; no two are alike, but all share common properties. Sener Knowledge uses a situated approach which adapts instructional design models to each particular situation.