Knowledge Development and Dissemination

Knowledge Development and Dissemination

Knowledge Development and Dissemination (KD&D) is the core function of Sener Knowledge, a recognized leader in developing and disseminating timely knowledge about online learning.

Consulting services focus on

  • Developing and disseminating knowledge about online education: Through its affiliation with the Sloan Consortium and other organizations, Sener Knowledge addresses the ongoing need to locate, collect, organize and disseminate knowledge generated by the rapid growth of online learning in its various forms.
  • Building knowledge domains: Sener Knowledge works with clients who are working in emerging knowledge domains and helps them shape them into coherent, actionable frames and forms.
  • Integrating KD&D with sustainability:Planning, knowledge, evaluation, design are all inextricably connected and can support long-term initiative sustainability when effectively integrated.

Facilitated learning events and speaking engagements cover a wide range of topics which offer opportunities for effective knowledge development and dissemination.

Generating ideas is one of our favorite things to do, and developing and disseminating knowledge offers an abundance of opportunities for Sener Knowledge to generate ideas which lead to quality improvement and transformation of your online learning programs.