Student Satisfaction with Online Learning

Student Satisfaction with Online Learning

Full Title: Student Satisfaction with Online Learning: An Expanding Universe

Synopsis: Co-authored with Joeann Humbert. Describes key issues and the then-current state of practice relative to student satisfaction with online and blended learning, including:

  • Basic satisfaction with online learning (courses, programs, overall learning experience)
  • Appropriate level of interaction among learning participants
  • Appropriate level of learning community involvement
  • Satisfaction with online academic and administrative support services, and
  • Dealing with student expectations, including a discussion of the "student as customer" issue.

Describes promising new directions and needed future developments.

Published in: Bourne, J., and Moore, J. (Eds.), Elements of Quality Online Education: Practice and Direction. Sloan-C, Needham, MA, 2003.

Also see Students as Customers 1: for an excerpt from this paper on dealing with student expectations.