Online Learning Comes of Age

Online Learning Comes of Age

Full Title: Online Learning Comes of Age: Four New Frames of Reference

Synopsis: Paper which discusses how online learning has "come of age" and describes four useful frames of reference for thinking about online learning’s future development and its implications for practitioners in the field:

  1. Focusing on issues related to maturation rather than legitimacy, including the continuous improvement, extensive adoption, and scalability of online learning;
  2. Envisioning a future where online learning, particularly blended learning (hybrid learning), is seamlessly integrated into a continuum of learning delivery options;
  3. Evaluating online learning on its own terms rather than compared to other delivery modes; and
  4. Re-framing the online learning ‘story’ as commonly told in the mainstream media to reflect reality as practitioners know it.

Published in: Moore, J. (Ed.), Elements of Quality Online Education: Into the Mainstream – Wisdom from the Sloan Consortium. Sloan-C, Needham, MA, 2004.

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