Online Instructional Design Support Services

Online Instructional Design Support Services

Sener Knowledge provided MSU Global with instructional design services, support and expertise for several projects over a five-year period, including:

Comments from satisfied clients:

"John Sener led my organization (FCIB) through every phase of the development of an online course of study, certification exam and certification development in the area of trade finance. He successfully chose the right model to present the material, taught the organization how to present the coursework online and developed the various testing modules to discover the level of knowledge the students had gained during a thirteen week course. I cannot say enough good things about the personal experience of working with John, or the success of the program he helped develop..."
-- Ken Garrison, CEO, Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals (formerly CEO for FCIB), June 3, 2009

"The FCIB course you were instrumental in creating is moving ahead full steam - over 1,300 professionals from 40 countries have completed in these past 7 years. I just finished two sections - almost 100 students total - this past week, with another session of 50 or so starting the end of this week. Your input and skills [are] a key reason why it's worked so well."
-- Paul Beretz, ICRM Course Facilitator, May 12, 2010

"John has deep expertise and is easy to work with. He designed and conducted our first comprehensive e-learning evaluations for a state-wide program. He also led the instructional design for one of our first corporate clients. Both were very successful projects that are still going today."
-- Christine Geith, Assistant Provost & Executive Director, MSU Global, May 12, 2009