Literature Review: E-Portfolios

Literature Review: E-Portfolios

Prepared a report on the topic of e-portfolios which includes an overview of the topic; a summary of the available research related to K-12 and especially high school implementation of e-portfolios; summary descriptions of what is being done or have been recognized as best practices; and recommendations for implementation decisions based on the available research.

For the purposes of this report, an e-portfolio was defined as "a collection of student work which is stored in Web-accessible and/or other digital format, which can be stored in a web-based information management system with its attendant capabilities, and which supports assessment and other important teaching and learning activities."

The report focuses on implementation of e-Portfolios at the course level rather than at the school or career level, in keeping with the scope of the related client project. Also, while the originally intended focus was on e-Portfolios as an assessment tool, the report also examines the role of e-Portfolios in serving other important goals: as an instructional tool, and to support student reflection, higher order teaching and learning, and higher order assessment.

[report currently in draft form; will share when report is finalized and given client permission to release]