Why Online Education Will Attain Full Scale (Pt. 2): Disruption?

Will disruption lead to full scale online education? A recent report thinks so...

In Cloud We Trust: Web-Enabled Collective Dependence and Consciousness

Thoughts on passing an artificial yet telling milestone: using 1000MB of storage space on gmail...

Why Online Education Will Attain Full Scale: A Bump in the Road

The recent decline in for-profit college enrollments may be a bump in the road - but full scale OL is still on its way.

Community Colleges Must Focus on Quality of Learning?

Teaching and learning is "The Heart of Student Success," says a report described in a Chronicle of Higher Education article.

Steady As She Goes: Incremental Change = Durability

Although its capacities to stand still and resist change are considerable, education’s most effective strategy for remaining durable is its capacity for incremental change.

How School Lunches Exemplify the Issue of Ed Reform

I can remember the menus in mimeographed blue Courier font as if it were yesterday -- Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, Baked Beans, Fruit Cup, Milk.

Steady As She Goes: Stasis - Why Education Is So Good at Standing Still

Stasis is perhaps the best way to understand the Steady as She Goes scenario.

Steady As She Goes: Education's Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is one way which education maintains its durability and manifests the Steady As She Goes scenario.

Steady As She Goes: Why Education Is Durable

In dire perpetual crisis, education must change, and it will change because it's really different this time around -- or is it?

Cyberdystopia: ...But Be Wary, Reflective about Real Ones

Beyond the straw men, there is a deeper concern about the Cyberdystopia scenario which is not so easily dismissed -- what are we truly giving up when we embrace cyberized education?

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