New Normal: Six Scenarios at NUTN

New Normal: Six Scenarios at NUTN

John Sener will be leading an upcoming session on the "new normal" at the upcoming NUTN Summit in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, September 29 at 10am. (also see

Witness a lively, potentially heated, discussion among leaders with informed opinions around various future scenarios for higher education and online learning. Is the New Normal the end of higher education as we've known it, or are we experiencing a temporary state of affairs? Are we incrementally improving or is there a game-changing shift afoot? Whether you're inclined to view today's New Normal as an opportunity to shoot for the moon, a sign of impending doom, or just another round of the same old-same old, you'll be challenged by this thought-provoking discussion.


John Sener
Sener Knowledge LLC

Susan Kannel
Senior Director for Online Programs
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

David Leasure
Chief Academic Officer and Interim CEO
Colorado Technical University

Lisa Cheney-Steen
Co-Executive Director
CCCOnline, Colorado Community College System

The session will have a distinctly Colorado flavor and a diversity of institutions and viewpoints represented, and it should be a fun, lively, and productive exchange of ideas.