In 2009, I invented* serialtweeting. Inspired by David Plotz's "Blogging the Bible" series in in 2006, I thought it'd be fun to try blogging a book while reading it for the first time. In summer 2008, I blogged the book Disrupting Class, which was fine (see related blog entries), but laborious.

When I started using Twitter, eventually I wondered how it would work to tweet a book instead of blogging it, so I tried it in summer 2009. The first book I 'serialtweeted' was Todd Kashdan's book "Curious?: Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life," which I read based on a very impressive local radio interview I heard by the author.

I'm still working on refining the form, but I've found it to be an excellent way to share thoughts about a book I'm reading in progress, summarize and reflect on what I'm reading, and prepare background material for a book review. Tweeting is maligned by some, but having to write 140-character synopses of pages read is a somewhat exacting discipline, akin to writing newspaper headlines and captions.

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*invented? originated? who knows these days -- at any rate, I starting doing them on my own, to my knowledge the first person I knew who was doing them...

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