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Seven Futures of Cyberized Education

Posts in this blog discuss ....

Adventures in Social Networking, 2008-10

Postings which describe things learned from exploring various social networking tools (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Ning, et al.) since late 2008.

Assessment and Evaluation

Postings related to promoting more productive methods for educational assessment and evaluation, for instance design-based research, impact assessment.

Education as a Complex System

Postings designed to develop a view of education as a complex, adaptive, whole system.

The Re-Negotiation of Authority in Education

Postings which explore the ongoing changes in the nature of authority in education resulting from current (r)evolutionary changes.

Student-Generated Content

This topic focuses on how to develop the potential of student-generated content to improve education. In particular, the focus is on describing and discussing examples of student-generated content which represent a significant shift from students as content consumers to students as content producers, and/or result in products of lasting value to students individually, to other students, or to the larger community and society.

The Access Revolution in Online Learning

Articles, blog entries, and other writings related to the issue of the ongoing "access revolution" in online learning and its relation to online education.

Evolution of Online Education

This topic focuses on the evolution of online education, including scenarios, strategies, and issues that could hasten the adoption of online education to full scale.

Re-Definition of Knowledge

Postings on how current trends have redefined knowledge and what that means for education.