A Brief History of E-Learning

A Brief History of E-Learning

E-learning can be defined in two distinct ways: narrowly and broadly. Its history depends on how the term is being used. In its narrow sense, e-learning originated from computer-based training (CBT), and the term was invented with this more narrow definition in mind. However, the term "e-learning" is now commonly used in a much broader sense, referring to learning delivered by electronic means. E-learning now refers not only to a wide set of technology-based applications and processes, but is also commonly used as a synonym for facilitated forms of online learning or distance learning. In this broad sense, the history of e-learning is the history of distance learning.

Prepared as part of literature review on the use of e-learning for public health programs in developing countries. (3 pp.; 16 references)

Client: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, through a subcontract with Jindra Cekan Consulting, LLC. Project funded by U.S. Agency for International Development.

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