Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Publications offering insights related to strategic planning for online learning initiatives.

Integrating Online Learning Opportunities into a Professional Development Program

Since 2009, Sener Knowledge has been assisting the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) in its strategic planning to integrate online learning events and opportunities into its existing professio

Starting and Sustaining the FOLE Initiative (DAU)

From 2004-2008, I provided strategic planning services to assist Defense Acquisition University (DAU) with the start-up and implementation of its Facilitated Online Learning Environments (FOLE) initia

Growth Management Planning for OL Programs

In 2005, provided strategic planning services focused on organizational structure, quality assurance, and growth planning to Prince G

Starting and Sustaining an OL Initiative

Starting an online learning program can be strategically important for a number of reasons.

Managing Online Program Growth and Scale

Institutions and organizations grow their online learning programs for a variety of strategically important reasons.

Grantwriting as Collaborative Strategic Planning

Getting a grant or contract funded is quite often a collaborative effort.

AILOL: Turning a Blind Spot into a Sweet Spot

Full Title: Asynchronous Instructor-Led Online Learning: Turning a Blind Spot into a Sweet Spot.

Getting Better: ALN and Student Success

Synopsis: Co-authored with Janet Moore (primary author) and Marie Fetzner.