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Discovering Our Inner Chefs: Blended Learning Development

[NOTE: A version of this article ("Discovering Our Inner Chefs: A Strategy for Advancing Blended Learning") originally appeared in Educational Pathways newsletter (www.edpath.com), May 2004].

Students as Customers: Dealing w/Expectations

"Students as Customers" is not an either-or proposition. In fact, matriculants to higher education have multiple roles: they are students, AND customers, AND performers, AND products. Dealing with student expectations requires acknowledging the multiple roles of students, as well as the multiple wants and needs of other stakeholders.

31 Flavors Online

Full Title: Online Teaching & Learning: Now Available in 31 Flavors

Creating ALNs in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering...

Full Title: Creating Asynchronous Learning Networks in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Courses for Home-Based Learners