Knowledge Development

Knowledge Development

Articles and other publications focused on developing and disseminating new knowledge related to online learning

Making Great Reports Even Better: Support Services for Sloan OL Surveys

The annual Sloan Survey of Online Learning has become the leading barometer of online higher education in the United States.

A Brief History of E-Learning

E-learning can be defined in two distinct ways: narrowly and broadly. Its history depends on how the term is being used.

Literature Review: Use of E-Learning for Public Health Programs in Developing Countries

Lead on three-person task team to prepare a literature review on the use of e-learning for public health programs in developing countries.

Literature Review: E-Portfolios

Prepared a report on the topic of e-portfolios which includes an overview of the topic; a summary of the available research related to K-12 and especially high school implementation of e-portfolios; s

NGA Panel Presentation on Increasing Credential Attainment

On March 24, 2010, John Sener presented on a panel at the National Governors' Association meeting, "Increasing Postsecondary Credential Attainment by Adults: An Institute for State Policymakers." Fell

Student-Generated Content

In 2007, I became interested in an emerging trend toward greater acceptance of student-generated content.

Building a Knowledge Domain: Academic Continuity

My involvement with the issue of academic continuity stems from participating in the Sloan Semester initiative, launched in respons

E-Mentor Article on Student-Generated Content in OL

Here is a link to a recently-published article I wrote on the subject of Student-Generated Content in Online Education .

Online Learning Comes of Age

Full Title: Online Learning Comes of Age: Four New Frames of Reference