Evaluation of Online Learning

Evaluation of Online Learning

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Student-Generated Content

In 2007, I became interested in an emerging trend toward greater acceptance of student-generated content.

Evaluating a Long-Term K-12 Online Resources Development Project

The Algebra Data Analysis Collaborative project was designed to develop online content and resources to assist students in meeting the requirements of the Maryland High School Assessment (HSA) for Alg

Project Evaluation, NSF ATE Center

Sener Knowledge is the external evaluator for CyberWatch, an Advanced Technological

Effectively Evaluating Online Learning Programs

Synopsis: Article suggests two simple ideas for effectively evaluating online learning programs: apply tried-and-true approaches, and take advantage of the opportunity to use new ones.

Online Bioterrorism Courses Meet Learner Needs

Full Title: Meeting the Needs of Nontraditional Responders through Successful Online Courses in Bioterrorism Response

Escaping the Comparison Trap

Full Title: Escaping the Comparison Trap: Strategies for Evaluating Online Learning Effectively

Escaping the Comparison Trap

Synopsis: Escaping the Comparison Trap: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Learning on Its Own Terms describes how comparing traditional and online learning is problematic, specious, and i

Escape the Comparison Trap (ppt)

Synopsis: "Escape the Comparison Trap: An Alternative Approach to Evaluating Online Learning" is a Powerpoint presentation delivered at Learning and Training Week 2003 Conference, Washington, D