Seven Futures of Cyberized Education

Seven Futures of Cyberized Education

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Steady As She Goes: Incremental Change = Durability

Although its capacities to stand still and resist change are considerable, education’s most effective strategy for remaining durable is its capacity for incremental change.

Steady As She Goes: Stasis - Why Education Is So Good at Standing Still

Stasis is perhaps the best way to understand the Steady as She Goes scenario.

Steady As She Goes: Education's Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is one way which education maintains its durability and manifests the Steady As She Goes scenario.

Steady As She Goes: Why Education Is Durable

In dire perpetual crisis, education must change, and it will change because it's really different this time around -- or is it?

Cyberdystopia: ...But Be Wary, Reflective about Real Ones

Beyond the straw men, there is a deeper concern about the Cyberdystopia scenario which is not so easily dismissed -- what are we truly giving up when we embrace cyberized education?

Cyberdystopia: Beware Straw Men...

Most cyberdystopian criticisms about cyberized/online education lack substance -- false dichotomies and other straw men...

Cyberdystopia: The Dark Side of Cyberized Education

In the Cyberdystopia scenario, the cyberization of education in an impending disaster -- nobody wins; humanity loses.

Free Learning Rules: The Upsides

Free Learning Rules would be disastrous for formal education in its extreme; in moderation -- Free Learning Influences -- have a lot of upsides to them.

Free Learning Rules: The Downsides (pt.5) - Dubious Track Record, Prospects

The fifth and final downside to the Free Learning Rules scenario is a dubious track record and iffy prospects.

Free Learning Rules: The Downsides (pt.4) - Uneven Quality

With OERs and other free learning resources, you never know what you're going to get quality-wise -- so be prepared for the sublime, the ridiculously awful, and just about anything in between...