Seven Futures of Cyberized Education

Seven Futures of Cyberized Education

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Why Narrow Definitions of "Evidence-Based" Are Useless

Narrowly-defined evidence standards for "what works" in K-12 education actually prove what doesn't work...

"Scientifically-Based" Evaluation: Science or Pseudo-Science?

The more I encounter the recent emphasis on so-called "scientifically-based evaluation methods," the crankier I get. Here are some reasons why.

The Value of Curriculum Core(s)

Core curricula have their issues, but do "curriculum cores" make more sense? This ETCJ posting explores the question...

Do We Really Need a Core Curriculum?

Do we really need a core curriculum? I'm struggling for an answer, as this ETCJ blog posting explains.

The Six Levels of Change: Why the Distinctions Are Important

The previous post described six levels of change where the cyberization of education is happening.

Cyberized Education: The Six Levels of Change

Higher education has become cyberized -- fundamentally dependent on online and other digital technologies the way that it more or less entirely depends on electricity at present.

Why Online Education Will Attain Full Scale (Pt. 2): Disruption?

Will disruption lead to full scale online education? A recent report thinks so...

In Cloud We Trust: Web-Enabled Collective Dependence and Consciousness

Thoughts on passing an artificial yet telling milestone: using 1000MB of storage space on gmail...

Why Online Education Will Attain Full Scale: A Bump in the Road

The recent decline in for-profit college enrollments may be a bump in the road - but full scale OL is still on its way.

Community Colleges Must Focus on Quality of Learning?

Teaching and learning is "The Heart of Student Success," says a report described in a Chronicle of Higher Education article.