Adventures in Social Networking, 2008-10

Adventures in Social Networking, 2008-10

Postings which describe things learned from exploring various social networking tools (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Ning, et al.) since late 2008.

Reflections on Facebook

Recently, the question was posed in the "What are you learning on Facebook" group: what is your big "aha?" I'm not sure I've had one big 'aha', but rather a series of small ones -- about immediacy o

Second Life Is Great for Some; Requiring Its Use Is Not

Today I read a paper which ends with the authors' stated plan to move their courses to Second Life. I thought, please don't do this! Required SL in online courses: usually a bad idea.

Reading Print vs. Reading Online

Yesterday, Marcia Conner asked her Facebook friends to "ponder with me the real (vs.

Adventures in Social Networking, 2008-10

This blog entry starts a new topic category here, which I've labeled "Adventures in Social Networking, 2008-10." Since I've (belatedly relative to many pioneers in this area) started exploring social