The Re-Negotiation of Authority in Education

The Re-Negotiation of Authority in Education

Postings which explore the ongoing changes in the nature of authority in education resulting from current (r)evolutionary changes.

The Re-Negotiation of Authority: Introduction

This is a new topic (as of December 2009) which explores the issue of the re-negotiation of authority which will be required as part of the transformation in education which is currently underway.

Some Thoughts on the Hold of the Magical Sage

What accounts for the persistence of the "magical sage" approach to education as embodied in the Open Yale courses discussed in previous posts?

Open Yale #4: Ten Good Things to Say...

Since the previous postings have been rather critical of the Open Yale courses, here are ten good things to say about them (many of which I've stolen shamelessly from others).

Open Yale #3: A Course is a Course, of Course, of Course...

Two other shortcomings of the Open Yale initiative are the notions, promoted by Open Yale's marketing, that the video lectures plus ancillary materials constitute "courses," and that these courses rep

F2F or Online: Which Is Better? A Cautionary Tale...

Attending a small group meeting reminded me of the ambiguities of face-to-face communication and how they apply to teaching and learning.

More Thoughts on Authoritarian Education (1): Packing a Pistol in the Classroom?

Here's one of a few news items I heard recently which have kept me thinking about authoritarian education. This one is about a teacher who wants to carry a gun to class.

Enshrining Authoritarian Education into Law: Justice Thomas's Opinion on Morse v. Frederick

Belief in teacher-centered education is strongly held by many, but there's a truly virulent strain of this meme: authoritarian education -- which, as I discovered recently, at least one US Supreme Cou

The Hold of Authoritarian Education: an example

Here is a comment on a blog I found recently: