The Access Revolution in Online Learning

The Access Revolution in Online Learning

Articles, blog entries, and other writings related to the issue of the ongoing "access revolution" in online learning and its relation to online education.

University of the People: Something New, or Deja Vu?

Press releases today announcing the University of the People, which promises to provide universal access to college studies.

Concern about "Academic Integrity" => Big Brother?

Concern about cheating in online courses -- seems reasonable enough on the surface.

High Gas Prices Fuel Online Learning for Adjuncts, Too

Another way that high gas prices may be fueling the adoption of online learning: As one colleague has pointed out, adjunct faculty who regularly commute to teach on multiple campuses are also feeling

Budget Cuts: Another Driver for Online Learning?

In at least one case, online learning has provided part of the answer for a community college struggling with severe budget cuts. Is this an isolated case, or is this a trend?

New Fuel for Online Learning: High Gas Prices

This has been a hot topic this week in listserv and personal conversations: high gas prices fueling an increased interest in online learning this summer.

OERs: Musings Along the Learning Curve

Recently I've been trying to learn more about Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Using FlipVideo for Teaching and Learning?

I'm curious to know about examples of using FlipVideo as part of the teaching and learning process, in particular for courses but also for other applications (e

Affordable ALNs

Synopsis: An ALNTALK online discussion summary. ALNTALK was a discussion forum series conducted online in the mid-1990's.

Published in: ALN Magazine, 1(2), August 1997