The Improvement Scenarios: New and Improved, Quantum Leap

The Improvement Scenarios: New and Improved, Quantum Leap

The improvement scenarios -- New and Improved, Quantum Leap -- describe futures in which education is improved relative to what we have now. Both scenarios involve working actively and consciously to incorporate specific improvements instead of just letting current initiatives take their course ( = Steady as She Goes). But I think it’s useful to distinguish between “substantive improvement” and “vast improvement,” hence the two separate scenarios.

Quantum Leap is a “best case" scenario designed to help us imagine what we might accomplish if we were to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the cyberization of education . New and Improved is just what it sounds like -- new, different, improved -- but not everything it could be. The overall scope of change resulting from the cyberization of education is uneven, scattered, at times random -- but the overall net effect is moderate improvement. Quantum Leap is idealistic, ‘what if?’; New and Improved is a more realistic scenario which indicates at least some success in improving education.

The distinctions between the two scenarios are descriptive for the most part; I don’t envision specific metrics which demarcate the threshold between the two, and perceived improvement as always will depend in part on individual perspectives about what constitutes “improvement.” Making a Quantum Leap improvement would be nice, but creating substantive improvement would be a step forward in its own right. Still, in talking about prospective improvements in future posts, I’ll try where possible to distinguish between what I consider to be best case/Quantum Leap vs. substantive improvement/New and Improved...

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