Sener Knowledge is a relationship-centered enterprise whose goal is to build a satisfying relationship with our clients by providing useful services that meet goals, fulfill needs, and exceed expectations.

About the marbles ...

The marbles symbolize how Sener Knowledge sees its clients and projects. Each one has its own unique integrated patterns and colorations, shedding different kinds of light depending on the perspective, and rewarding those who take multiple perspectives into account. Each one is its own little world, offering deeper insights upon reflection and contemplation. Marbles also reflect a commitment to approach each project with fresh eyes, serious yet unjaded, even seriously playful at times!

[Marble graphics: by Konstantin Ordoulidis,]

On a more personal note...
A unique melange of experiences has shaped my philosophy and approach: six years of teaching English as a Second Language, 20 years of martial arts (aikido) training and teaching, 10+ years of single parenting, among many others. These unexpectedly powerful learning experiences have provided insights into learning and education which I integrate into the work that I do. Online education is a great field in which to be, and I'm doing my best to enjoy the journey... ;-)

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