Acknowledgements and Thanks

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Thanks to the many dedicated and talented practitioners in the field of online education with whom it has been my pleasure and privilege to work with over the past 15+ years.

I owe a particularly deep debt of gratitude to two individuals who were instrumental in enabling me to grow and flourish in this field: Dr. A. Frank Mayadas, Project Officer at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, who had the foresight to pursue a vision of accessible education and who gave me numerous opportunities to expand my knowledge in the field and to share knowledge with others; and Dr. Randal Lemke, who got me started in online education at Northern Virginia Community College by hiring me and who was a superb supervisor and mentor. Thanks to Randy, I became a pioneer in online learning before I even knew what I was getting myself into. ;-)

Thanks to my colleagues who have reviewed my website over the years and made helpful suggestions for improvement: Jeff Seaman, Bob Loser, Sherry Chi, Keith Bourne, Bob Hawkins, and Jeremy Wolf.

Many, many thanks to Cindy McCourt for her abundant skill and patience in helping me build this site and learn some of the ins and outs of Drupal in the process.

Also thanks to Konstantin Ordoulidis of for the graphics work on this version of the web site.

And although most of my work these days is often far removed from "direct service," a special thanks to the many students and learners who I've encountered in online education over the years; their insights, perspectives, and determination are a continual source of inspiration.

-- John Sener, May 1, 2010

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