Seven Futures Now on Facebook

After three-plus years, the Seven Futures web site has been retired for now; future content related to the book will be posted here and on Facebook.

A Better Completion Agenda (E-Mentor)

A better completion agenda: expanding the range of acceptable outcomes in higher education -- an elaboration of the ideas in Seven Futures of American Education(pp. 165-66): from e-mentor .

Some Thoughts on Selecting Verbs for Learning Objectives

Some thoughts based on a posting for participants in the Sloan-C workshop on using the Quality Matters rubric...

Selecting appropriate verbs for learning objectives can be a tricky issue. Two good rules of thumb are: 1) select verbs in objectives based on utility, and 2) that means (among other things) don't be too rigid or rule-bound when doing this. To elaborate:

Seven Futures Web Site Launch!

My new web site devoted exclusively to The Seven Futures of American Education is now launched! From now on, that will be the primary source of information related to the book. I will still use this site as focus for my consulting business, but I encourage you to check out the new web site.

MOOCs and the Seven Futures (Part 3): MOOCs as Wildcards

MOOCs are clearly the next big wildcard in online higher education. The big question, of course, is what this means...

MOOCs and the Seven Futures (Part 2): MOOCs as Access Vehicles

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) have some interesting potential as vehicles for redistributing access, helping higher education realize the unfinished revolution of redistributing access to all.

Test Score Tampering as Predictable Outcome: Campbell's Law Strikes Again

Allegations of test score tampering at DC public schools? If you know Campbell's Law, you saw this coming...

MOOCs and the Seven Futures (Part 1): MOOCs as Foil

How do MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) relate to the Seven Futures framework? This post explores one of several possible ways how...

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